Why Did I Create These Resume Writing Service Reviews?

When I was fresh out of the school and needed someone to write my resume for me, I couldnít find a good service. Not that I couldnít write it myself, I just wanted it to be spotless so that I should find a new job in no time at all. I remembered ordering it from some service which turned out to be a real disaster. Let me explain. I contacted a support team and they asked for a rough draft of my resume or at least some personal info. I had my resume which I used for getting some vocational jobs while away from the uni. I uploaded the file and waited. When I got an email that my resume was ready, I was excited and wanted to have a look at it as soon as possible. But what I found was a piece of poorly formatted and badly written paper by some with only a smattering knowledge of English. I argued with the company but never got what I paid for.

Why Did I Pick These Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services?

The reason why these companies made it to this top is Ďcause I think they are some of the best resume writing services in 2019 as they could do my resume for me. A little spoiler: not all of them could do it right at first try. I can vouch for the first three companies in my list: Resume101, CareersBooster and ResumesPlanet - these guys worked like a charm and delivered a really professional piece of writing. The remaining three were not so good as they had promised but, nevertheless, they arenít scammers and managed to deliver a decent work in the end. But if you want to save yourself the trouble, I do advise to go for the first three services.

Are These Affordable Resume Writing Services?

Well, they are not the cheapest ones but at the same time not the expensive ones either. If you pay someone to write your resume, you have to be sure that youíll get a professionally written resume/cover letter which you wonít need to edit or rewrite yourself. Thatís why the afore-given companies are in my resume service reviews. Usually, youíll have to pay like $90-$140 to get the job done. I donít think itís such big money, taking into account the fact that your future career directly depends on it. Itís vital to have a clean and neat written resume and cover letter. So, Iím sure if youíre looking for the best resume writing services, youíre in the right place. And remember: ďYou are off to a great job!Ē